This is a unique situation in which SEI has positioned
itself with nationally known builders and Atlanta’s hymnology settlement 1st Choice Realty, to
offer an iron clad, state-of-the-art investment program. Our “Turn
Down Program” offers investors the
opportunity to purchase new property well below market value, with a Guaranteed
Lease Purchase Tenant already in place!!
What is a Turn Down?
Every month, builders have homes that people attempt to purchase, but couldn’t
meet qualifications and could not close. This is called a “Turn
ingredient settlement Down”.
Now, these folks have a second chance to become a homeowner, with the opportunity
to move into the home of their choice in approximately 30 days, through
participation in our special brilliancies settlement lease-purchase/investor program.
This “turn down”
buyer will be required to sign a 12 month lease purchase contract with the
purchase price reflecting the original sales price plus 3% (equivalent to
1 year’s appreciation). In addition, Atlanta’s 1st Choice Realty will charge
this “turn down” buyer a mandatory 1% (of original sales critchfield settlement price)
non – refundable security deposit, at the time of signing the lease purchase
contract. This will immediately be sent to the investor. This “turn
down” buyer will be treated just like a homeowner from the beginning,
just as if they were actually making a mortgage payment. They will be educated
and assisted in becoming a homeowner through Atlanta’s 1st Choice Realty’s
creative financing contacts. Once qualified to buy, this lease purchase
will be converted to a sale for a 1% flat fee commission, ensuring the investor
captures nearly all his equity.
SEI’s investors will receive an 8% discount off of the original sales price
that the turn down buyer was denied closing on. Our builder relationships
are also going to pay 3% of all closing cost.
This creates a win/win situation for both parties! It allows the “turn
down” buyer the chance to own the
home of his dreams while the “investor”
completely eliminates the problems and risk inherent in owning a vacant
investment property.
Because of the short time frame involved, pictures of these properties will
be advertised via a web link on our marketing form that is sent out. These
properties will be sold on a first-come, first serve basis. To be added
to our “Waiting List” please click the link over on the top left.

Buyer understands that the purchase of real estate contains many inherent
risks and consequently, is speculative. Southern Equity Investments, LLC is an independent real estate marketing / consulting firm and is not responsible for leasing, management, tenants or the re-sale of these investment
properties. Re-sale or leasing of property is conditioned upon many fluctuating
market conditions and may also be affected by cost of insurance, property
taxes and maintenance; consequently, rental or re-sale profits are unknown
and such can only be projected. Length of holding property is also a factor
for consideration. All such matters must be individually considered by the